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Internet Explorer 5.5 and popup banners

By moverby ·
I have a user that has unwanted banners popping up on the computer during the day. The user does not have internet explorer open. I have not been able to determine how this is possible. We are using NAT on our firewall so his ip address is not published on the internet. The w/s is running NT 4.0 sp6a. It has a FAT partition instead of NTFS. I have deleted all the cookies and temporary internet files and the history, rebooted and it still happens. It seems to be happening every hour. I have alsochecked scheduler and found nothing.
Also does anyoine know how to get rid of the cached addresses in IE 5.5. Everytime I start typing an internet address it drops down with several pages that have the same starting address. I have deleted the history and they still show up.
Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

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removing IE cache addresses

by MikePerryatHome In reply to Internet Explorer 5.5 and ...

there are several shareware products that will do this - I think one was called papershredder, and another complete cleanup. I assume they will work on NT4. They will also clean out temporary internet files, cookies, history - I think they are primarily intended for those wishing to hide what they've ben doing on the net!

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Sounds like..

by LordInfidel In reply to Internet Explorer 5.5 and ...

A virus of sorts....

Where you are not really opening up a web page alone, it is opening up inside a another page that contains JavaScript with the OnExit commands.

There was a site that did this, I can't remember the name of it, but I know itstarts with an H.

It was a pain to remove it. Change your views so you can see all hidden files. Look in their startup folder and see what's there.

Also disabling JavaScript is an easy way to stop the pop-ups.

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