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Internet Explorer 6 vs 7

By cupcake ·
Hey all...

I have been assigned a new project testing an application that we use internally on IE 6 to see how it performs on IE7.

Not being a big fan of IE in any version, I have opted for one of its competitors.

My question for those who use either on a regular basis... where do you see advantages/disadvantages and what features or functionality have you experienced having conflict with existing web applications and/or websites?

All insights are very much appreciated!


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Internet Explorer 6 vs 7

IE 6 and 7 integrate better with SharePoint and other MS-proprietary internal web solutions. Non-MS browsers often require re-entering authentication credentials before being allowed to access content.

Personally, I don't like IE 7 because of the interface. I don't like the way MS moved all the buttons and icons around, and how they appear to be locked in place with minimal ability to customize. Functionally I don't see much difference from IE 6.

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Good stuff...

by cupcake In reply to Responses.

Thanks Palmetto!

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Two issues I encountered in the switch...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Internet Explorer 6 vs 7

1). Java-apps sometimes went a little screwy in the upgrade from IE6 to IE7 (depending on whether they were using actual JRE in IE6, or were relying on the Java Virtual Machine or whatever its called)

2). Some portal-based apps (LAWSON ver.8 comes to mind) didn't like the difference in patches/security. So, you'd get erroneous flags about the browser not being secure-enough, when in reality, it was the opposite.

Like Palmetto said, there isn't too much of a difference in overall function between the two (IE7 seems to load a smidge faster); and the real difference is finding out where everything is at.

Personally, I stick to FF whenever possible, and resort to IE only when forced.

Best of luck!

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Thank you!

by cupcake In reply to Two issues I encountered ...

I am feeling much more confident about the testing after hearing these comments. Hopefully there will be no problem for the company is switching.

FYI... I have no participation in their choice of switching to IE7. I only test to make sure the internal app works with what they chose. Personally I use FF when I use my Win machine and Safari for my Macs.

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