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Internet Explorer 6.0 and Java Scripts

By edwardsmd ·
Windows Millenium with Internet Explorer 6.0 and I have loaded all of the windows updates. When I visit a game site,the games do not run properly. I receive "Done, but with errors on page.I believe there is a java script problem. I have looked through Technet and I have downloaded recommend Java software from game site. I have done about all of the switches and recommened fixes with no fix in hand. Help! Thanks

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by tpacker In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 and ...

Hello ed, well I would love to tell you that I have an exact fix for this issue however I don't. I have installed and supported ME on several occasions and have come to one conclusion, it is the worst operating system MS has ever put out. I know everyone on the forums always says this doesn't fix issues but I am here to tell you if you want to spend more time gaming and less time cofiguring and reinstalling patches either go back to Win 9x OS or upgrade to Win 2K or XP. I promise once you upgrade you will understand my point here. ME is just to unstable and doesn't work well with many programs as well as hardware in my opinion. Good Luck!

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It's a code error

by LegalAlien In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 and ...

JavaScript and Java are not the same thing. The blank areas you sometimes see, with comments such as "Please wait, applet loading..." are Java applets busy downloading the class files to your system, whereas the script warnings you receive in your status bar relate to JavaScript code in the actual page you're visiting not functioning properly. If you double-click the yellow icon you'll get when a script error occurs, you'll get a description of the error.

JavaScript does not function identically on both IE and Netscape, and as new browser versions are released, new issues sometimes arise. This is most probably nothing to do with your system, and is the responsibility of, and should be addressed by author of the site you visited.

I hope this puts your mind at rest.

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by cglrcng In reply to It's a code error

If you possibly use ADSL for your connection & are hooked up thru USB, just switch to Ethernet cable via a PCI or onboard NIC.

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something to add

by mdn7779 In reply to It's a code error

Have you tried running the online games in netscape? Haven't tried the latest 7.0, but have had good sucess in 5.9 version.

Just a non technical trick that some times works.

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