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Internet Explorer 6.0 cannot connect.

By tomklin ·
Internet Explorer on one of my computers running Windows XP MCE cannot connect to anything. On that same computer, Mozilla FireFox 1.5 and MS Outlook can connect and display web pages and email, but do not show graphics in either. Windows Firewall is inactive, but McAfee Firewall is running, along with McAfee anti-phising utility and VirusScan. Firefox and Outlook can get through these. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE6.0 and resetting communication settings within IE.

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by thecompgal In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 can ...

Try tweaking your McAfee firewall, or remove it. This is a McAfee problem, not IE.

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 can ...

On occassion a windows update can affect other windows applications. Go to and research the problem and learn more. The problem lies in the fact that it messes with the registry. If mozilla is working perfectly fine just make it your default browser and discontinue use of internet explorer.

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same problem

by walt007 In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 can ...

Did you ever get this problem resolved? I have the same problem, but use Zone Alarm.

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Similar prob with IExplorer 7, XPMCE 5, too many updates

by rswacen1 In reply to same problem

Have XPMCE 5, IExp7, and cannot connect except in safe mode. Have tried lot of things w no succes so far:
Connection repairs, winsock resets, install repairs. Will try uninstalling tcp/ip next . If that does not do it, i will bite bullet and pay the $59. for one incident to MSoft support. PLEASE respond soon if possible.

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I have this problem

by allan In reply to same problem

I have the same problem. IE6 or IE7 will not connect neither will several other applications such as Google Earth, but Firefox and Opera both connect fine. I suspect other apps use the IE interface to connect so they fail. I have checked everything I can think of. No proxy problems. I can browse the web using Firefox but I need to solve this problem so other apps and MS Update will work. I have tried turning off ALL my security (ZoneAlarm etc) but it makes no difference. Where should I look? Thanks for any help.

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Use this

by tookool47 In reply to Internet Explorer 6.0 can ...

Have you checked this area yet?

Right Click on IE on desktop

Click properties

Click Connections

Click LAN Settings

And select "Automatic Detect Settings"

That should do it if it is exactly where the problem arises. Since you said other browsers are working.

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Still no IE6 or 7

by allan In reply to Use this

Thanks. I have done this several times. There are several ideas on the web to solve this problem and I have tried them all with no success. I have been through all my connections in great detail but cannot find anything - I must be blind. I find that no other programs that require to connect to the web will work - for example Google Earth, several update programs, even trying to buy Windows XP Network Troubleshooting Power Checklist from Tech Republic!! I have run several registry repair programs and some suggested XP repair programs, but nothing fixes the problem so far. Of course I cannot run Windows Update as it insists on IE. Anthing that can be done within Firefox or Opera is OK, but that is all. All very frustrating. Thanks for your interest. Regards.

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by kaypan In reply to Use this

thanx much! I was going insane!

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