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    Internet Explorer 7 and Group Policy


    by wiloooooo!! ·

    I have been trying to configure IE7 through Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) and haven’t had any success doing it. Is please have heard there is a problem with IE7 that doesn’t let you establish Content Advisor nor security setting through Group Policies. Please if anyone knows anyway to establish GPO to configure setting for Internet Explorer 7 please help me!!!

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      ie7 GPO via Active Directory

      by cfasect ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer 7 and Group Policy

      Theoretically this will solve the trouble:

      However, I found it did nothing at all in my environment: Win2k server and XPsp2 clients.

      I hope you have better luck, or have come upon another solution by now.


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      IE7 and GPO

      by ken wolf ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer 7 and Group Policy

      I have run into the same problem. Configuring Content Advisor for IE6 via GPO for WinXP SP3 works just fine. Does not work for IE7 on SP3 or apparently SP2. I found the same article itmanager referenced on the MS TechNet site. This hotfix is for SP2, if you attempt to install it fails with a message telling you that the service pack version is newer than the update you are trying to install. Then it tells you there is no need to install this update.

      Please advise if anyone has found a fix.

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