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Internet Explorer 7 dying on IIS6 sites for remote Domain Users

By tnuke ·
Appreciate it if anyone can help here. Cannot find any similiar issues out there and Microsoft tech support has had my network admin running in circles for the past week.

All of our systems are standardized on IE7 and have had an issue crop up recently that is not allowing Domain Users at remote locations (no direct AD access through LAN/VPN) to access 2 sites requiring authentication. We have tested it in Vista as well as XP SP2. Same result, machines access sites when VPN or in the office, but not remotely. The sites work from the same machines in Firefox remotely or in the office.

At this point it is only affecting 2 sites, one with and one without SSL enabled. Other secured sites with and without SSL work and the settings have been verified against each other. All security permissions required are set to allow the users access and since they can access it locally or through VPN and through Firefox, we are fairly certain there is not problem with the way security is set up.

Domain Users from home machines or machines that are not a part of the AD domain access the sites locally and remotely from IE7 with no problems.

We are at a loss to figure this out and would be very interested if anyone has any suggestions!


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I assume that you've played with adding your sites to

by robo_dev In reply to Internet Explorer 7 dying ...

the 'trusted sites' within IE? And also played with setting these sites to being Internet versus Intranet?

What sort of error/failure? Just a 401.1?

One wacky tip is to change the user agent string in the registry to tell the webapp that it's not IE7!!

Two sites with lotsa tips:

UAS tool

Basically it looks like IE7 Integrated Windows Authentication is somewhat buggy, to put it kindly.

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IE 7 buggy to say the least

by tnuke In reply to I assume that you've play ...

I haven't personally changed them from Intranet to Internet, but I am pretty sure my network admin has. I will check with him, but since my computer isn't failing and I am not local to one that is(my computer isn't a member of the domain), I am looking from the outside in.

The error is weird, not a 401.1, just a general error that the site cannot be opened.

Thanks for the links, we will look at those.

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