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Internet Explorer 7 problems

By Tachyon ·
By now it's no secret that IE7 breaks a lot of websites.
What some people may not think about is the fact that, because IE is also a core OS library, a lot of apps will also be affected. They may fail, or they may function incorrectly/differently.

I'd like to see this discussion develop into a reference list of IE7 issues and specific incompatibilities so that others can check here to help find, diagnose, anticipate, and prevent problems.

My personal recommendation to all my clients is to stick with Firefox as their primary browser with the IEtab extension and keep a fully patched IE6. I've also warned them that MS is sending out IE7 as an update. This is an example of why I recommend most people turn off automatic updates and do weekly manual updates, choosing the 'custom' and not 'express' option. It's more work, but unfortunately, necessary.

Please try and keep the discussion constructive.

I'll start the list.

1) problem: In a Windows XP guest session under VMWare, VMWare Tools fails to run/function when IE7 is installed.

solution/workaround: For now, either revert to IE6.x, or don't install IE7 in the first place. I'm going to look for other solutions.

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IE7 Problems

by dwbeuki In reply to Internet Explorer 7 probl ...

Problem: Network is seen, an IP address obtained, ping works intranet, but not internet. I'm guessing something in the security settings may have been changed when updating to IE7. I've uninstalled, and ran a winsock fix, but still cannot browse the internet with IE6 or Firefox.

I'm still working on this, and went through the trouble shooter - but it's not really helpful in this case.

Any thoughts would be great. Meanwhile, if I figure it out, I will post the resolve for other tech's. Thanks!

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Connection Problems with IE7

by pantherslair In reply to Internet Explorer 7 probl ...

I have also found IE7 to cause issues. Many times when I try to load up even simple pages such as google it tells me the page cannot be displayed and it doesn't matter how many times you refresh it, it refuses to establish a connection. And while I have tried to reload pages I have noticed this message in the bottom corner of IE7:

"Waiting for res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm"

What the **** does that mean???

I have also found that this problem also seems to be linked to my DynDNS Updater having issues in being able to maintain a connection with my static IP. Quite often while trying to load pages the icon for DynDNS Updater will turn red indicating an error or problem. I will contact my ISP about this as well to see if there are any other issues with my connection, but IE7 is certainly behaving very strangely indeed.

I would like to hear from other people who have had similar problems trying to connect IE7 with web pages. Cheers.

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Connection Infinite Loop in IE7

by Nathaniel.Irvin In reply to Connection Problems with ...

I've kind of had the opposite problem. We had one computer running IE7 try to get a page on our web server over 2 million times. The page existed, but it was a redirect page, and by the time all this nonsense stopped, 5 GBs of data had been sent back and forth in a day for this one computer.

It only happened once, and the guy has since switched to Firefox, but I'm very puzzled as to why it happened at all. I think it might have something to do with the fact that he was running XP Media Center - the few computers in our office that do run IE7 typically run XP Pro, and they've never caused any problems.

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ie 7 runs CPU to 100%

by stevenvtaylor In reply to Connection Infinite Loop ...

May be a related problem. i.e. 7 consistently runs my CPU to 100% if left open several hours with more than one tab open. It could be related to pages that have a javascript refresh, like CNN. Anyone else experience this?

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Maxing Out the CPU

by wmpwhite3 In reply to ie 7 runs CPU to 100%

I consistently found the CPU maxing out and having to kill all my instances of IE. I finally uninstalled IE 7 and have been using IE6, but with lots of issues. I'm afraid I really need to reinstall the whole computer as a result of trying IE7.

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IE 7 100% CPU with ATT/

by WorldBFree In reply to ie 7 runs CPU to 100%

Yes, ATT High Speed Internet front page has streaming video of news events and, if left unattended for awhile I can tell when it's eating up CPU because the fan has kicked into high gear and sounds like a jet airplane about to take off.

A quick glance at task manager shows the only process running is IE 7 and after I kill it the CPU usage goes down to 0 or 1%.

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IE7 dropping connection

by steveb In reply to Connection Problems with ...

I have 2 identical PCs, in every way except the case. The case is by the same company, just a slightly smaller size. Anyway, on one machine I have no problems. IE7 works fine. On the other, as soon as its installed it never finds the home page, always get the can't find website page. Hit the home page button and it brings it up. We use software developed for this type of buisness that runs off our local server. Log into that and IE7 is dropping connections all the time. On the other identical machine, no problems. I did a total reinstall and it worked fine until I installed SP3 for windows and IE7. I should have checked after each install to isolate the problem (I think its a patch causing me grief). The strange thing is the identical machine with SP3 and IE7, all the latest updates, works just fine. Yet this one is refusing to cooperate. I am going to do a total reinstall, again, and add updates one at a time in hopes of isolating the issue. Ill post if i find anything.

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Javascript Popunder Becomes Popover

by jon2200 In reply to Internet Explorer 7 probl ...

I'm using a javascript popunder on a web page that opens a full-screen popunder window - if popups and popunders aren't blocked - beneath the page. At least it used to do that until IE7. Now the full-screen popunder window becomes a popover window that completely covers the page being accessed.

The simple code I'm using is:

<script language="javascript">'', 'windowname'); self.focus();</script>

This code is placed just after <body...>.

It works in every browser I've tried except IE7.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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No IE6 if using Vista

by doug In reply to Internet Explorer 7 probl ...

Really, really slow IE7. No phishing filter, no addons, no toolbars. No malware.
Vista Home Premium. IE7 was OK for about 1 month on new PC with pre-loaded Vista. Now takes 3 minutes to open home page (Google). Always uses at least 10% CPU even when page finally fully loaded. Another 3 minutes to close after clicking red X. Can't uninstall or re-install except by full re-install. But what if this is an IE7 problem and will re-occur? I'd rather find fault and fix, but how? Firefox doesn't always work on some needed pages.

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IE7 with Sites and Applications

by skywalkr43078 In reply to Internet Explorer 7 probl ...

I too have seen a couple of example of sites that I use conflicting with IE7. That's old news, so won't go there.

But I did want to mention an application not previously mentioned here. Over in the Roxio forum, there are large number of references to IE7 beaking Roxio Easy Media Creator, version 8 in particular. I am having the problem they are describing, which is how I came across the info. WMP v11 was also mentioned.

Thanks for the insight!

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