Internet Explorer 7 very slow to launch and run under Vista

By jose.schmoe ·
I have Vista Home Premium on an intel core 2 Quad CPU machine. The problem is that when I launch IE 7 it just takes forever to load up. Also when I key something into the URL line at the top, my keystrokes are definitely way slow. None of my other browsers exhibit these symptons (Safari, Firefox..)

I looked at some forums & they suggested disabling Add-ons. I've done that. Yet same symptons. Any remedy?

I do recall seeing something out there where someone suggested at the Start line typing in a command like: iexplorer - (same flags).

any ideas?

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Does Vista Home Premium support Quad Core CPU's

by OH Smeg In reply to Internet Explorer 7 very ...

From what M$ has said to me it doesn't so that is more likely that anything else to slow down the system drastically to what it actually should be.

How much RAM is installed in this computer as well?

Vista is a Resource Hog and if the computer is not up to scratch it will overload other items like the HDD by making and attempting to maintain a larger Page File than it actually needs and with all the HDD writing and other activity this will slow down the system drastically as well.

Even if you have enough RAM is it actually properly configured or installed in the M'Board for Dual Channel Use if it isn't the CPU will be running at half it's FSB and the RAM will be running much slower than it should be. SO the Data Stream will be considerably slower than it should be for optimum Performance.


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Vista and IE 7

by jose.schmoe In reply to Does Vista Home Premium s ...

yes, vista does support quad core. this is how it came configured from HP.

I have 3GB of RAM so memory isn't an issue. I have 2.4GHz processors so it's not a CPU issue. It's just that IE and only IE launches very slow and keystrokes are extremely slow. and I do mean extremely slow.

Any ideas how to fix explorer?

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Well as HP didn't supply it this way

by OH Smeg In reply to Vista and IE 7

What have you installed prior to this starting?

Have you run Spy Ware Scans and the like in Safe Mode on this computer.

Things with IE are generally related to either Tool Bars that have been added like th Google Tool Bar or Plug In's so what have you added? Better still delete any Plug In's and Tool Bars that are not Standard with IE and start again. If the system remains slow after deleting these look at either editing the Registry or reinstalling Vista.

As for having 3 GIG of RAM it may be an issue depending on how it is configured I've seen numerous HP systems that where just not correctly configured by HP let alone the owner who has added things after receiving the unit. For instance if you have 3 X 1 GIG Sticks of RAM the system will not be using Dual Chanel RAM so the CPU will only be running at half of it's designed Front Side Buss Speed. I'll leave the thing about HP supplying hardware that is decent and then damaging the system by installing the cheapest OS so that they can meet a price but as this is a HP unit what have they got to say for themselves?


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