Internet Explorer 7

By jm.reyes.0320 ·
How many tabs can i open in Internet Explorer 7?

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Good question

by Jacky Howe In reply to Internet Explorer 7

how many have you tried to open before it quits.

Run more applications simultaneously

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Try this

by Nimmo In reply to Internet Explorer 7

Here is a quick script that will open 6 tabs in one Internet Explorer session, modify the count to whatever you want (for count = 0 to 6).

Best to increment slowley because IE may crash out.

Or if you're brave add count = count - 1 before the "next" statement (it will create an infinite loop in adding tabs and I take no responsibility for what ever happens)


const navOpenInNewTab = &h0800
Dim ie
Set ie = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application")
for count = 0 to 6
ie.navigate "about:blank", CLng(navOpenInNewTab)


Save as .vbs

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