Internet Explorer 7.0 unexpectely closing doing a Google/Yahoo search

By asmith ·
I can open google/yahoo just fine and sometimes I can actually complete a search. Every now and then while I'm typing a phrase or statement in the search line of either engine, the Internet Explorer will completely close.

I've been trying to monitor to see if their is a pattern to why its closing, whether it be maybe the typing is too fast, hitting a key that sends chaos to the program, or anything else.

Mozilla works just fine, but I'd like to fix IE instead of just switching to alternate program, forgetting about the problem and yet have the problem still there.

Any ideas on why this might be occuring?

EDIT: Now its occuring with any prompts that Internet Explorer brings up. I just tried logging in a webmail account that brings up a Username/Password window and as I was typing in the username, Internet Explorer closed.

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I found my answer

by asmith In reply to Internet Explorer 7.0 une ...

I just wanted to make a post incase anyone encounters this problem of their own on how I solved the issue.

There is an instant messaging program called Pidgin that some people use. When an actual chat window is open on the screen and the user does not minimize the window and tries to type something into any line prompt in Internet Explorer, some error happens and Internet Explorer closes but Pidgin does not. So these two line prompts cannot be open on the screen at the same time for Internet Explorer to work properly.

Sorry my written solution is not very technical and maybe a bit confusing but hopefully if someone encounters this problem they can understand my solution enough to solve their issue.

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Thank you for your Question and answer to solve your issue.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I found my answer

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