Internet Explorer 8 won't access

By rjmc27 ·
A strange and challenging problem with IE 8 (and IE 7 before upgrading). I'm unable to access The error page reads "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" with a linked button offer to diagnose connection problems. Under the security options of IE 8, is not listed within "restricted sites" in fact, it's in the trusted site catagory. But I am able to access from other browsers such as Chrome and FireFox. Any suggestions?

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RE: "..with IE 8 (and IE 7 before upgrading)." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Internet Explorer 8 won't ...

So just how long has this problem been manifesting itself?

What happens when you click on the 'connection diagnosis' button?

Just for purposes of elimination, can you connect to Usually if you login to an Amazon site that doesn't equate with your ISP location, it gives you the further option to jump onto your local site.

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More details of IE8/IE7 problem with Amazon

by rjmc27 In reply to RE: "..with IE 8 (and IE ...

OldER Mycroft,

Thank you for the reply. The problem has been part of my system for some 4 months. Clicking on the "connection diagnosis" button starts a wizard which quickly determines that the connection is good. And, yes, I'm able to reach, but can't access the Amazon U.S. site through it.

Some time ago, I reinstalled IE8, and often run anti-virus/anti-spyware software and use a registry cleaner.

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But do you run anti-virus scans from Safe Mode ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to More details of IE8/IE7 p ...

On the basis that no computer has ever been able to delete (or interfere with) a file that is already active in memory, the most efficient method of running an anti-virus scan is from Safe Mode, where minimal system drivers and associated programs have been loaded at boot.

You've got a better chance to catch any nasties that hide inside system files normally loaded into memory at boot.

*Mind you, as an afterthought, not having the use of IE7 or IE8 could be considered a blessing - many users strive to get rid of each of these progs.

I personally have never used IE at any time - I find it ponderously slow by comparison to FF3. :)

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