Internet Explorer 8

By Pommyboy_FearFactory ·
We are currently upgrading out IE from 6 to 8, however have run into the issue of running explorer as another user... as you already know the process of explorer still uses the current logged in user, i remember reading something about this however cannot find anything to do with it on google, i also remember something about a cmd line switch with some like run explore.exe //domain/user but i cant remember the exact command, any information relating to this would be a great help. i am thinking of creating a batch file so we can just log in with a specified user and then enter in the password that way everyone can use it.


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by Bruce Epper In reply to Internet Explorer 8

You would do this the same way you did it for IE6 (or any other app). But this brings up another question: Why do you even want to do this? Are you looking at using this to get around some kind of account restrictions on the network or what?

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Found a soltuion

by Pommyboy_FearFactory In reply to Why?

You cant do it the same, because the process explorer runs as the logged in user, the solution is to run a batch file with the following code:

runas /user:domain\user "explorer /separate"

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