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Internet Explorer Hijacking Spyware

By dchau858 ·
I'm currently having a problem with my internet explorer home page. I set it to be blank, but everytime i load internet explorer, the adress reads about:blank, but the title is "Search For..." and a pop up comes up telling me I have spyware. I've tried many spyware remover programs such as Adaware, Search and Destroy, Spyware Doctor, HijackThis, and even tried manually deleting the source. Everytime, when I run the programs, various registries appear, but after I've deleted them, they reappear the next time I run it, and running in safe mode makes no difference. I've also found that even when I am not connected to the Internet, and I delete the spyware, it still comes back when I try to load Internet Explorer about:blank page, and I think that the spyware is an executable program of some sort that runs when I try to load Internet Explorer. Another thing I found was when i viewed the source of the "Search For..." page, it led to a file named "about_blank" in a Temporary Internet subfolder. I cannot delete that file as an error pops up when I try. I also found the "real" about:blank file in another Temporary Internet subfolder. I am just wondering if someone is experiencing the same problem as me and has figured a solution to it, or if someone knows how to fix this nuisance. An answer to this specific problem and hijacking browser would be really helpful. I really do not want to resort to having to format my hard drive. Thank you.

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by dmiles In reply to Internet Explorer Hijacki ...

First, download CWShredder.

Then Ad-Aware

Then Spybot

Then Stinger from NAI...

Run them in order as follows:

CWShredder, stinger, ad-aware then spybot.

Run each one until it says that you are clean, then continue to the next one.

After you have cleaned all of the crap off of your box, UPDATE IT and stop downloading pr0n dialers.

If anything is found by Stinger, write down what it is and after you have fixed it, go to the Norton site and download their tool to fix the virus, that way it will put any changes to the registry back the way they are supposed to be, instead of just deleting infected files like Stinger does.

Any questions or comments???

BTW - I know, you've already downloaded it all, but I'd do it again.

You can also view other suggestions by entering Home Page hijacked in the upper right corner and click GO,see the discussions section and select from them to get how this problem has been solved

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by cglrcng In reply to Internet Explorer Hijacki ...

Another helper I found for those left behind that the other items don't really find is Bazooka Spyware Scanner...It isn't automatic like the others, but it will tell you in seconds what is there, and link to very good cleaning instructions on how to get the nasties out.

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by chads In reply to Internet Explorer Hijacki ...

One more addition to all of this.....Use Mozilla Firefox at Version 0.9.2 does not let that crap in.

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by chads In reply to Internet Explorer Hijacki ...

One more addition to all of this.....Use Mozilla Firefox at Version 0.9.2 does not let that crap in.

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