Internet explorer memory leak?

By bsteinley ·
I am one of those guys that have many programs running at the same time all the time. I ussually have 6 or 8 webpages open at a time. My computer after about an hour will stop opening new stuff. It won't bring up any menus within a program (for example bookmarks). If I shut one program down this buys me about 10 minutes and then I have to shut another one down until my computer won't even start the smallest program. Then when I reboot the countdown starts again.

I clear my temporary memory using internet explorer's tool option. I even upgraded to this terrible browser, the newest from microsoft but with no luck. I understand that it could be any of my numerous programs but I can't help but thinking that microsoft may have a memory leak in explorer or XP. Does anyone know a solution?

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no memory leak, just running low

by ashij In reply to Internet explorer memory ...

Ok, first of all you canot clear you "IE memory", the only thing you cando is to clear temporary files/cookie etc.

This problem indicates that you are running low on memory. Time to invest in a better memory.

When your computer starts behaving the way you described, check your memory usage (CTRL+ALT+DEL -> click on Performance tab). You'l see that the memory usage is almost or more than 80% of the total.
To find out how much RAM (memory) you have installed. Right click on the "My Computer" icon and click on "properties" on the first tab (General), you should see something like "xxx MB of RAM" where xxx is the amount of memeory on your computer.

... and just a suggestion, I'd still go with IE6 rather than IE7


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My opinion is . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Internet explorer memory ...

Dump Explorer and install Mozilla Firefox2.

You are still likely to get the 'slowdown' symptoms, particularly if you insist on having so many tasks active, but it'll be a lot more than an hour before it happens.

I usually suffer after about 6 hours.

In my opinion Explorer has always been slow anyway, even when not under strain.

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