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internet explorer problem

By Giles_boy989 ·
My internet connection is not working. I can log in to my ISP, but my computer does not send or recieve any info. It began when we had a printer problem and my mum reinstalled windows. The printer is now working, but our connection does not. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Little more info?

by Darrell Raines In reply to internet explorer problem

Can I get some more details? Like what OS, static or dynamic IP address, that sort of stuff.

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by Giles_boy989 In reply to Little more info?

Well, sorry bout that. Ok, my OS is Win98. I know there is no problem with the connection as I am using it on our laptop right now. I have completely reset all the internet settings, but that did nothing. I'm not sure, but i THINK it is a static IP.We have a 56k modem, and use a PPP server. If this helps, please reply as I am almost at the hair-tearing stage.

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by James Goerke In reply to OOPS!

Make sure that you have the most recent drivers for your modem (available on the manufactures website). The new install of 98 might have put wrong or old drivers for the modem or it might not be working properly anyways. Likewise, I would re-install the TCP/IP for dial-up networking as well.

James Goerke
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Internet Problem

by kksiong In reply to drivers

I believed you have done all the right stuff when re-installing the Internet Explorer, however, in order to be "hooked up" to your ISP you MUST specify the PROXY Setting. e.g. 8080

Good luck !!

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