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Internet Explorer : runtime errors

By melissa ·
Hi, I'm hoping someone can figure this out. I have NOT installed Windows Service Pack 2 because of all the possible problems I've heard about, but I have done all the other updates through Automatic Update...I'm running Windows XP Pro, and have been, with no problems for a few years now... all of a sudden, a web page that I visit frequently to upload audio auditions is giving me a runtime error in the same place every time. I get to the page fine, and then open an audition, but when I click "answer lead," (not trying to upload a file at this point) it gives me a runtime error. I tried to troubleshoot to see if it was their site or my computer, so I downloaded Netscape....the site works normally in Netscape. Which leaves me with IE...I re-downloaded IE 6 Service Pack 1, and lo and behold, it fixed the problem....for about 10 hours. Now it's doing the same thing (but with a line 132 runtimer error instead of the previous 124 (and then it says "expected: ';'") I tried to re-re-install IE...and it said "a newer version of this software has been detected on your computer: unable to install." ??? When I check for available updates on my computer, the only one that comes up is Service Pack 2. Should I be less afraid of this download? Or does anyone have a better theory/suggestion? Thanks very much!

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by dmiles In reply to Internet Explorer : runt ...

Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools--->Internet Options. Once there click on the Advanced Tab. Under the Browsing Section check "Disable script debugging" and uncheck "Display a notification about every script error". HTH.

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by melissa In reply to Internet Explorer : runt ...

Thank you so much for your answer (I guess it was a pretty simple one, after all!) The only thing is: this kind of "goes around" the problem....everything works now, but am I heading for trouble (ie crash, or something) by not getting to the root of what is causing me to have errors (an no one else visiting the site, apparently?) Is this something that MUST be a problem with THEIR site? I did get a runtime error on another site the other day, which prevented me from navigating the site, but when I reloaded it, it was ok.....

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Internet Explorer : runt ...

1 cents: don't be afraid of sp2. have it working on many computers with happy users. sometimes a little trouble getting it installed but once it is on, smooth sailing. did you notice microsoft is giving away free cd's with xp2 also office sp3?
2 cents: run adaware from to remove all malware. even tho your errors don't appear to be related they may be malware related

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