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    Internet Explorer Security


    by snapp1337 ·

    Does anyone know of a way to block users from typing in c:\ or desktop in the Address bar. I have some users who only get IE and I do not want them to get to the desktop or c:\. I do have policies in place so that they can’t do anything once they get to the c:\ but I don’t want them even getting that far. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank You

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      Internet Explorer Security

      by d.walker5 ·

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      If your file system is NTFS, create a group e.g. “No access to ‘C’ dr”, add the approciate user accounts. Add this group to the C drive and deny access. Warning: for this to work the users must access IE from another drive where they have permisssion.

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      Internet Explorer Security

      by josh4174 ·

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      ok first remove search from IE toolbar enable show no computers near me in net places and under windows explorer enable prevent access to drives from my computer and if u setup ur computer where everyone has same desktop and lock the items on the desktop then u can allow them to type desktop because it won’t allow them to do anything

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