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Internet Explorer stops working

By blair_sweigman ·
Internet Explorer works fine for about 10 minutes, then after that time, I get "unable to display page" message for any url I enter. DNS works fine, Outlook Express and ping continue to work. It has service pack 2 and all the security updates and has been cleaned of known viruses and spyware.

What can I do besides a clean reinstall of WinXP?

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by willcomp In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

Somewhat of a long shot but try running winsockfix.exe. May help, won't hurt. Link below.


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by bart777 In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

Before you get nuclear on the poor box try another browser. It may be that there was some piece of spyware that found it's way in and damaged IE. Try downloading Mozilla\Firefox and testing to see if this is really a problem with the browser or the PC.

If Mozilla works with no errors then you could try removing and reinstlling just IE. I know that's not easy but it can be done. Or just continue using the alternate browser. I have several customers that no longer use IE due to it's problems with spyware.

Good Luck

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by master3bs In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

There are a number of avenues to pursue for web browsing before reinstalling XP. Here are some places to start.

Check for spyware and the like first. Spybot and adaware are two popular programs to run for that. That is the most likely problem. It is best to run these prgrams in safe mode, as well as a virus scan.

Do this too. Go to Internet Options. On the general tab click settings. Lower the number of "amount of disk space to use" to 20 MB. Click OK once. Click Delete Files on the general tab.

My blog describes why this is a possible solution:

Also under IE Options, click on LAN settings. If it is checked, uncheck "automatically detect settings." (Sometimes you need this, sometimes you don't; try it either way.)

Make sure that the other two options on this page are NOT checked (automatic configuration script and proxy server.)

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by prasantjain In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

1. Unistall Internet Exloper.
2. Use (Hijackthis) which can be freely downloaded to clean up the all entry except Antivirus startup.
3. reinstall internet explorer & patch it up.

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by Bagmaster50 In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

You say DNS is ok. What tools did you use to check the DNS with? Have you tried the nslookup and netstat tools form a command window? Netstat is a very powerful tool for solving network problems. Here's a good read on netstat,

DNS can appear to be ok when in actuality it's not.

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by blair_sweigman In reply to Internet Explorer stops w ...

Nevermind, I reimaged

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