Internet Explorer takes a long time to load up

By yanluo ·
Hey everyone

I use an ADSL connection (via a dialup) and have no connection problems with
other programs such as MSN messenger
When I double click IE to open it, nothing much happens for about 10
seconds. The My CPU Processing LED does not even light up and the hourglass
does not appear. 10 seconds later IE opens up and the webpage downloads
normally so I know I don't have a connection problem. My browsing is fine,
but every now and then when it loads a page the whole system will hang (mouse
is still able to move) for about another 30 seconds before I can do anything

Earlier on when I mentioned about the long loading time for IE, I realised
it has something to do with my dialup because the moment I disconnect the
ADSL dialup, all the 'pending' windows then I have opened will open suddenly.

My guess for this problem is as follows: When I open IE, the computer is
waiting for something to happen (from the dialup side). This does not happen
until about 30 seconds later. (When the IE window opens up, all the other
'pending' windows will open up too). And this 'waiting' only happens when
certain actions are performed (e.g. when I open a new window, and about half
of the time when a new page loads.)

I hope you guys could help me find a solution to this along these lines.

BTW, this problem only occurs with my ADSL dialup and on THIS computer.
There aren't too much stuff being installed on this system as I just did a
format a week ago. I have another computer at home with a different ADSL
dialup modem. I tried installing that modem on this computer but the same
problem happens. Both modems work fine on the other computer.
Lastly, when I use my school's LAN (Ethernet) connection, IE works perfectly

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Switct Browsers (Alternatives)

by questions In reply to Internet Explorer takes a ...


I have 2 suggestions for you. One is to switch your
browser to another one like Firefox, Safari for Windows,
Avant, AOL Explorer, ect. My second suggestion is to
switch back to Internet Explorer 6 if you switched to
Internet Explorer 7.

P.S. Firefox is know for taking your internet connection
immediatly causing you not to wait for the internet to load
up. So you said that IE will take a long time to recognize
your dial up. Well in Firefox it will immediatly connect
once the dial up is turned on.

Good Luck!

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Brand name IE7 add-on is to be blamed

by robert.zenzerovic In reply to Internet Explorer takes a ...

I experienced the very same problem with my Lenovo T61. Than I went to Tools-Manage add-ons and started disabling add-ons, one-by-one, restarting IE7 every time. In my IE7 I had Lenovo browser helper named "CPwmIEBrowserHelper Object", file is tvtpwm_ie_com.dll. Probably you have something similar from Dell, HP.... If not, start disabling add-ons until IE7 speeds up.

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Post 3 is EXACTLY correct - disable add-on

by jblake In reply to Brand name IE7 add-on is ...


You hit the nail on the head; I too have a T61 laptop and IE7 took about 10 - 15 seconds to open.

After disabling the "CPwmIEBrowserHelperObject" and restarting IE expolrer it opened in no time!

Great job!

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