Internet Explorer - Trusted Sites Oddity

By erb324 ·
One of my friends asked a really good question the other day that has completely stumped me.

At work, he has a lab environment that is running a website destined for the production users (therefore it has many of the production GPOs applied to it, etc). The website works fine for external IE connections, either to other servers in the lab or clients and servers that can connect to the lab. The problem is that the customer he's working with wants to be able to view the webpage from the hosting server.

This is where the snag comes in --

He has added the server's IP range to the trusted sites (via GPO), but for some reason, the page continually tries to load in the highly restricted "Internet Zone" rather than the "Local Intranet" which is less restrictive.

We looked at this, and mucked with the "Internet Zone" security settings temporarily to verify that IE could even load the page, and it did. At this point, I'm thinking we should remove the GPO, and manually add in the Trusted Sites (even though the registry shows it correctly entered) to see if somehow the GPO is the problem.

I've even thought about modifying the GPO to specifically state the IP of the machine in question, that way it would rule out anything to do with the range.

Is there something else we may be overlooking or can try to troubleshoot this issue?


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re: Internet Zone / Local Zone

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Internet Explorer - Trust ...

How, exactly, did you type in the URL to get the browser to view the page? Did you type in 'http://'? Did you use the machine's IP address? Did you use the machine's name? Did you try http://localhost? Or, did you type the web site name (i.e. Did you put the letters 'www' anywhere in the URL you typed?

It makes a difference as to what you used to get to the page. Some routes are considered to be local, others are internet zones.

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re: Internet Zone / Local Zone

by erb324 In reply to re: Internet Zone / Local ...

We did use the IP address, and that IP was within the range loaded into Trusted sites.

It's a secure site, so we preface with "HTTPS://" rather than just HTTP. Another thing we do is put the port number for the application at the end of the IP address -- like so:

I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I doubt it, since all that is a port lookup once the route is made to the host.

And to cover all the bases... yes, we did https://localhost:5000/dir1 and just to be absolutely sure. Those addresses are both in Trusted Sites, too.

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