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Internet Explorer won't load Home Page *SOLVED*

By lars_honeytoast ·
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Hello, I am new here to TechRepublic. I heard that there are pros here that can really help out.
Situation: IE won't finish loading. I click IE on my desktop, it opens the window like normal, but it will not load my homepage (Yahoo!). I ran a scan with MalwareBytes, it detected a single Trojan. Quarantined. Then, I ran MalwareBytes in safe mode; clean scan. Rebooted to Normal mode. I ran Glary Utilities and CCleaner; deleted temp internet files, regular files, etc. I'm feeling pretty good, then I click on IE. It still will not load the home page. It freezes. In the tab when IE is loading you'll notice a little infinity ring with a light rotating right? Well, with me the light is trying to go around the ring and it's lagging, not froze, but lagging. I'm looking forward to some solutions.
-Windows XP SP3
-Dell Dimension 4800

Edit: Thanks guys/gals

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Have you tried the obvious first?

by Ron K. In reply to Internet Explorer won't l ...

That being changing your home page. I have mine set to about:blank, BTW. It irritates me to HAVE to connect to anything.

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I can't change the home page.

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Have you tried the obviou ...

I failed to mention that, while the home page is in an almost froze state, I can't type an address in the address bar. Reason for that, I believe, is due to the page not being loaded completely. I can't even stop the page from loading, you know by clicking stop on the toolbar. Thanks for replying.

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I tried that, but it didn't work...

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Re-install IE

I believe that IE is corrupted,possibly by the Trojan.Agent I found today when I did another scan in safe mode with MalwareBytes, so I'm uninstalling service pack 3 of Windows XP. You have to uninstall service pack 3 so you can uninstall IE. It's taking a long time though.

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Another good reason

by oldbaritone In reply to I tried that, but it didn ...

to wipe and re-install Windows entirely.

ref: your other thread "How Long does it take to uninstall SP3?";CR54

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Thanks oldbaritone

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Another good reason

I appreciate the advice. I believe that's what I'll do. I like to try all the different ways before a wipe and re-install.

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I should have mentioned this

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Another good reason
The above address is what IE kept trying to redirect my home page and whatever address I typed in, to.
Also, Firefox was doing the same thing. I downloaded Firefox from another computer, saved it to a jumpdrive and installed it on the "bad" computer.
So, after seeing that Firefox was doing the same thing as IE, I ruled out that IE was corrupted. I typed the above address on to Google and found that it is a Trojan that redirects your browser. So, I'm using Hitman to kill it.
Many thanks for the advice.

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