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internet explorer

By vickypjr ·
how to block internet explorer on my stand alone pc

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by jfuller05 In reply to internet explorer

why? ?

Do you mean remove from your pc as in uninstall?

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by mafergus In reply to internet explorer

Are you trying to change prefs so it isn't the default?

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According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer is so embedded in the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to internet explorer

Windows system that its total removal will make Windows unusable. So the only way to block it from your computer is to:

1. Copy all data,

2. Boot from a CD / DVD and format the whole disc,

3. Install Unix or Linux.


If you just wish to use another browser, load another browse and set it as the default browser, from within the other browser's preference settings, and remove the IE icons from the Desktop and the Quick Launch bars and the Menu list.

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you can uninstall it

by .Martin. In reply to internet explorer

using the steps here:

This is not recommended, as funny stuff can happen (some features of windows require IE)

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.Martin, that process does NOT actually uninstall all of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to you can uninstall it

Internet Explorer, just the interface and a few other files. The core files of IE are essential to Windows to run the Windows Explorer, the Internet access, and several other key parts of Windows itself. That information was provided to a US court by senior Microsoft staff as justification as to why they could NOT comply with a court order to provide a version of Windows without any part of IE in it. The wiki article on US vs Microsoft has the full quote, if you wish to see it.

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but for the OP

by .Martin. In reply to .Martin, that process doe ...

I believe that would have been enough.

way to go, ruining it for me

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sorry, but accuracy is an issue for epeople with Asperger's like me

by Deadly Ernest In reply to but for the OP

except spelling as i often mess that up

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How to block Internet Explorer

by kristain In reply to internet explorer

Click the tools menu bar option
Select Internet Options > Connections
On the right hand corner, click LAN Settings
Go to proxy server, put a check mark in the box that says "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
Also, check the box "Bypass proxy server for local addresses"
click Ok two times.
Close the browser, open the browser again and try to access any website.
You will get an error message stating that "The page cannot be displayed"
If that happens, then you have successfully disable Internet access on that computer.

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That blocks access for ALL browsers, not just IE.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How to block Internet Exp ...

I mention that in case someone tries it unaware of the overall implications of these actions.

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I tried it.

by Ron K. In reply to That blocks access for AL ...

Firefox still works with the default 'Auto-detect proxy settings...'

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