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internet in an old house

By tony.oneal ·
Is there some type of converter I can purchase to change a cable signal into network signal without having to purchase separate cable modems for each room of a house?

Here is my problem - 7 months ago I purchased a old (1850's) 3 story row home. The home had been nicely renovated with updated electrical and also cable in every room. I set up a wireless(g) network in the house on the third floor and could hardly get a signal on the 1st floor. I moved it to the first floor and couldn't get a good signal on the 3rd - the second floor only has 2 bedrooms which are rented out to roommates so I want to keep it out of those rooms. I also would love the speed and reliability of hardwiring. Is there some type of converter I can purchase to change the cable signal into network signal without having to purchase separate cable modems in each room?

Thank you for your time and help

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Couple of suggestions....

by robo_dev In reply to internet in an old house

First of all, you can't 'keep the wireless signal out' of the second floor unless you line the floors,walls, and ceiling with lead. The signal will travel about 200 feet in every direction, and I'm sure that the houses next to you on each side as well as across the street can get your signal.

With the right antennas and configuration, it's very possible to provide wireless connectivity to your whole house. What you may need are some wireless bridges as well as some special antennas. The placement and orientation of the antennas is very important as well.

In order to extend the wired network to another floor, buy a standard wired router to connect to your cable modem. These little $40 units typically have four fast ethernet ports on the back. You could then run standard category-5 or 6 ethernet cable to the other floor.

You can also buy a router with a cable-modem built into it, which sometimes works better.

The only issue to consider is that the total length of the ethernet cable to the other floor should be less than 300 feet if possible. If you have to run a cable, run several at the same time, cause cable is cheap, but labor is not.

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by tony.oneal In reply to Couple of suggestions....

I don't want to keep the wireless signal out of the second floor I just don't want to place the modem, router and access point in one of my roommates rooms.

I do have a router set up but I don't want to just run bare cable throughout the house on the floors. I would much rather have the reliability and speed of hard lines rather then just boosting the wireless signal.

I can't believe there is not an adapter which would allow you to send the signal through existing cable lines.

I contacted my internet provider and they informed me that I each cable modem requires its own service plan - so I definitely don't want to do that either.

It is going to be a pain in the but to run cat5 through the walls too...

Guess I need to just invent something :)

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Another suggestion....

by MGP2 In reply to internet in an old house

Use your electrical wiring. Products like "Home Plug" allow you to plug in an adapter into one electrical outlet (near your modem/router) and then plug in another adapter anywhere else in the house and it will act like an ethernet connection. The technology is called "Power line networking". For an example, check out the product below. This isn't one of the better products, but it'll give you an idea what to look for.

Good luck!

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