Internet Information Services (IIS) needs to be installed for this installa

By Dave Francis ·
My anti-virus programme has disappeared and when I try to re-install it I get this message "Internet Information Services (IIS) needs to be installed for this installation to continue. Consult your Windows documentation on how to install IIS' and the programme will not install. Can anyone suggest why, is it a virus or spyware?

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Well it would help if you told us which AV program is.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet Information Serv ...

But normally when an AV Product gets disabled it's to do with a infection that the user has installed.

You'll need to post back with the AV Product and the Operating System that it is installed on for a more detailed answer that will help you here.


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The AV programme is Norton

by Dave Francis In reply to Well it would help if you ...

The operating System is XP Pro

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OK here you need to use the Norton Removal Tool first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet Information Serv ...

It's available here

After you remove all traces of the previously installed AV Product you should be able to reinstall it so that ti works.

The error message that you are seeing is a result of the complete package not being removed when you attempt to reinstall it.

Just to be on the safe side though I would install one of the free AV Products and scan the system first in Safe Mode to see if there is an infection that has disabled Norton's. Just remove all traces of Norton's with the removal tool then install the AV product.

You can use AVG Free available here

Install it update as necessary and then reboot the system, After the POST Screen/System Makers Logo appears press and hold the F8 Key till you hear the internal speaker complaining and then release it. When you get the White on Black Screen use the Arrow Keys to highlight Safe Mode and then press the Enter Key.

When the system boots scan it with AVG and clean up any infections. After that you can reinstall Norton's after uninstalling AVG Free.

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