Internet is not working

By Tech.Guy ·
Hi guys,

Our internet is not working due to some reason, Let me tell what we have here, We have a Advantech Modem Model sl-2048,Cisco router 2600 and a Comtech DVB. We have changed our settings many times, Everything is configured ok but no internet, can you guys help me out figure this problem.

thanks alot

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Did you pay your bill?

by NormH3 In reply to Internet is not working

Sorry...couldn't resist. You will most likely need to provide more information to get help. Have you tried pinging your gateway from a workstation or server? If that works, have you tried pinging a known good IP address outside of your network? If both of those work, you most likely have a DNS issue.

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satellite internet

by Tech.Guy In reply to Did you pay your bill?

Thanks for the reply

Our ISP provide us devices where link is activated & what we do is just connect the devices & align the dish & our internet works. but due to some reasons we had to change our settings becoz the link was activated here transfered somewhere else. & they provide us new settings to implement, I did those settings. I changed ip's in router & changed modem settings & also in dvb. Now they are saying that settings are not good, I took screen shots of the every single page & send it to them, they were able to connect to router in their country but today they are saying they can't even connect to router. they blaming us that there is something wrong on your side, while from our side everything is configured as told, I can ping dvb inside the router. I can ping gateway from work station. I've lock on the dvb. I've send them all the screen shots of router configuration. Please ask me if there is anything Becoz i don't know what exactly i need to tell.


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Good luck with this.

by NormH3 In reply to satellite internet

Sorry, to solve something like this would probably require an indepth knowledge of your environment. It is certainly beyond my means. Maybe someone else could be of more assistance. Good luck.

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You're going to need the ISP to come out...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to satellite internet

If the ISP can no longer connect from their end, you're going to have to ask them to come out and do another installation. If they've transferred your account to somewhere else & they provide you with the new settings to implement, they're responsible for getting your service going again.

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Also any 3rd party 'involvement' would be inadvisable since ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to satellite internet

LEGALLY - It would then release your ISP from their contractual obligations with you.

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