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Internet is on but local network is down..why?

By smokeypandey ·
Hello there,

I have,
Netgear modem Router DG834G : //
Netgear Stora //
Dell PC running win 7 //
Acer laptop running win 7 //
HP pc running ubuntu 11.10 // with Samba file sharing

Stora is connected to the Router with cat6. All the PC's are connected wireless.
All the PC's have internet connection. Never had a problem. Stora is always on and can be accessed by all PC at all times.
Whenever I try to access other PC in the network then I can't . For instance, All PC's are on and internet is up and running. I go to windows explorer and Network, I can see all four Device. But when I try to access Acer Laptop it gives remote computer unavailable or bad name error. After few minutes if I try again then I can access that PC. Same with Ubuntu, I can access then suddenly I can't access, sometimes I have to restart the Ubuntu then only I can access.

When I go to Router homepage and Attached device page, Even though all PC can access Internet I can't see all the PC's on the attached device list. It could be router problem or PC's are closing local network when Idle for sometimes. I don't know. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

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how far can you ping?

by njcsamuels In reply to Internet is on but local ...

ping other computers

then default gateway

then a public ip

then a dns name

are you set dhcp or static? if dhcp, try setting a static address outside the dhcp scope. if static, try using a different address

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no cookies.......

by smokeypandey In reply to Internet is on but local ...

Hi njcsamuels,

I can ping all computers by IP and by name. I have used dynamic and static IP address. Used 192.168 range too. At times every thing works as it should. Then suddenly it drops, then I can't access any PC. After sometimes, I can access only 1 PC. I thought Windows uses Netbios, so I mapped all network PC by IP address. Same problem.

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