Internet keeps disconnecting

By mzval54 ·
I have a Dell Dimension 2350 with Windows XP
sp2. It has 200 gigs hd and 1 gig of memory.
There is over 6o% unused space. I don't have a router hooked up. The internet is a cable modem. In the last week my connection to the internet has been going off, even though the modem light is flashing and says it's still on.
My isp said that the problem is not at their end and Dell has said the same thing. Dell has told me to reformat the computer, but I reformatted it a couple of months ago for another problem and it has been working very well ever since. I have looked all over to find a "fix" for this, but unfortunately one hasn't been found. I have done several virus and spyware scans and I am squeaky clean.
Would anyone have any idea about what the problem might be please ?
The internet was going off every twenty minutes at first, but after fixing my winsock and a couple of other tips that I found on the internet, it is now only going off twice a day.
Thanks so much for any help.

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Re:Internet keeps disconnecting

by bstans66 In reply to Internet keeps disconnect ...

I have Run into this issue myself!! My advice is to download Malwarebytes'!! It's free and works very well, The link is below. Just because your anti-virus is telling you your computer is clean does not mean it is, when I had this very same issue it turned out to be a trojan, Hopefully this will fix your problem as it did mine.

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