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Internet mail and VPN

By jeffassessor ·
First off, I am a WindowsXP Pro user with Outlook 2002.
I have set up one of the office staff to connect to our Exchange email server remotely via a VPN connection.

At issue is Internet POP3 mail and VPN. Whenever the user invokes Outlook he is forced to start the VPN connection to get ANY MAIL. That is, VPN must be running to retrieve POP3 Internet mail and Exchange mail.

What we really need to do is this:
We need to start Outlook/2002 and get Internet Mail. Then, as the need arises get any Exchange mail from the remote site Exchange Server machine.
We do not want to be forced into starting VPN before Outlook will retrieve Internet mail. We want Internet POP3 mail to be allowed without the VPN being connected at all times.

Any suggestion?

Mike Fogarty
Systems Manager
Jefferson Parish Assessor's Office
Gretna Louisiana 70053

voice: 504-362-4100
Internet POP3 mail will be allowed without the VPN being connected

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by CG IT In reply to Internet mail and VPN

humm I'll take a stab but probably won't help you.

quick & dirty answer. Different user profiles. Pain in the butt for the user, however it solves the problem of Outlook always trying to use the specified default connection [VPN] when starting the internet connection to retrieve mail.

Now I know IE can have different connection types based upon what program your using, e.g. use dial up for AOL, use, VPN [one you create for Remote Access in the Control Panel,Network Connections Properties, use LAN for domain connection. You specify this in IE Tools,Internet Options, connections, but I'm not sure Outlook can be configured to use 2 different types of connection methods based upon the type of mail one is retrieving , with one user profile.

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by CG IT In reply to;en-us;q195500

This is an article I dug up on Outlook 2000 that might have some information on how to do what you want to do. So my first answer is not correct at all [ but like I said probably woundn't help you].

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by CG IT In reply to

note: if you copy and paste the link remove any spaces or it won't work. If the link doesn't work visit and in the search bar type in the article # 195500 to retrieve it.

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