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    Internet Mail & Exchange 5.5


    by leon_guerrero ·

    We changed our domain name from to We host our email on Exchange 5.5 using Roadrunner and 1 static IP. Management now wants all users to send/recieve their email as, but still recieve email from until all our customers are aware of the domain/email change.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Can we have two different MX records ( & point to the same IP address?

    2. How do we set up Exchange 5.5 so that the user’s mailbox recieves email from both ( &, but when sending email only is used?

    Thanks for the help!

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      Internet Mail & Exchange 5.5

      by joe barton ·

      In reply to Internet Mail & Exchange 5.5

      You can setup 2 MX records with your ISP to point to the same IP, no problem there. To setup the second email: simply add the additional SMTP address to each useres Email Address tab.

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      Internet Mail & Exchange 5.5

      by jeff.solomon ·

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      Hello Leon,

      In addition to what was previously answered with regard to your question part 2…

      You need to define the second “inbound” domain name (ie: in the “Routing tab” of the Internet mail connector within the Exchange AdminUtility.

      Please note that under the “Site Addressing Properties” of the “Configuration” container, that only one “SMTP” name space can be defined. That means that the auto-generated internet email address for mailboxes created will default to the domain defined in the name space for the “Site Addressing Property” of the Organization.

      As the earlier post correctly indicated, you can manually add the additional “Internet” email address to any mailbox yourself.

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      Internet Mail & Exchange 5.5

      by leon_guerrero ·

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