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Internet Mail Service - Exchange 5.5

By FormatC ·
The IMS on our exchange server seems to just hang. This happens irregularly but averages about once a week. There are no error messages and I have set the logging level to its highest for all events.

When we become aware that 'its done it again' and I check, I notice that the inbound and outbound messages are awaiting conversion. If I stop and try to restart the service (control panel > services) I get the error that there is an internal error (sorry, dont have the number).
All I can do to get things going again is restart the server. This is very inconvenient for my users as the server also provides other services. It is the PDC.

I could move the IMS to another server but it would still cause a lot of inconvenience.

We are useing Exchange Server 5.5 Sp4. Some of the exchange servers are still on Sp3 as we havn't completed the roll out, but I dont think this could be the cause as we had the problem before we installed Sp4.

The PDC is NT4 Sp6. We also use mimesweeper on a seperate box to scan incoming and outgoing mail. We use GroupShield on the Exchange servers to cover Internal mail.

Bye the way, I tried deleting mails awaiting conversion but there is no response.

I would appreciate any help. Also, can anyone tell me if it is OK to have 2 IMS connectors in the same organisation. At least it would provide some fault tolerance.

Many thanks,


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Internet Mail Service - Exchange 5.5

by NTOz In reply to Internet Mail Service - E ...

First, some information you prob know already, but I have to ask:

1. Have you been diligent in re-applying your Service Pack 6a and Service Pack 4 for exchange server?

2. Exchange servers with different rev levels often have issues, they should be at the same rev levels or you might get unexpected results do to the re-writes of many DLL's and executables.

If you call Microsoft, they are going to make you do the first two before they go any more with you.

Case in point: Service Pack4 & 5 FIX
Q146993: XFOR: Quoted-Printable Encoded Messages Stay in IMC

Q166540: XFOR: IMC Appears Hung with Improper DN Format

Q161939: XFOR: Outbound Msgs not Delivered by IMC Until Queue Refresh

Service Pack 3

Q152930: XCON: IMC MightStop if RFC 821 From Address is > 64

137: XFOR: Messages Not Deleted from IMC Inbound Queue

As you also know, just because the service pack has been applied, under Windows NT and Exchange 5.5 if you add something later, even if its reinstalling the connector, you have to apply the service PACK'S to both NT and Exchange as old data is written from install.

Check out the one also XIMS: Internet Mail Service Fails to Start and Logs 4070 and 4131 Errors Q231737

The error mesasge your getting if this doesnt help you would be very helpful.

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Internet Mail Service - Exchange 5.5

by NTOz In reply to Internet Mail Service - E ...

Bye the way, here is a quote from a newsletter from TechRepublic on the same topic: (Not about IMC but just as pointed)

Anytime you install an Exchange service pack, it's best to install it on all of your Exchange servers. It's also important to install it on all of your workstations that are running the Exchange Administrator program. Why?

If you run different service pack revisions of Exchange Administrator on your workstations and Exchange servers, you may encounter problems. Some errors will even force you to restart Exchange Administrator.

So nip those problems in the bud by upgrading your servers and workstations to the same service packs.

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Internet Mail Service - Exchange 5.5

by FormatC In reply to Internet Mail Service - E ...

it's time to get those SPs reapplied and updated as necessary.
Much appreciated.

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Internet Mail Service - Exchange 5.5

by FormatC In reply to Internet Mail Service - E ...

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