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Internet on Windows Vista Premium Laptop

Hello, once again. Today, my problem is that my laptops internet stopped working with the router in my house. I know its not the router, because internet works with every other computer in the house, its just mine. Whenever I try to connect, it states that "Windows cannot connect." When I click "Diagnose", it runs the program and then states "Wireless assosiation problem." And I cant connect. Ugh, I'm tired of these constant problems. Maybe I should switch to Mac... anyway, is there anything that I can do?

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Well it could still be the router depending on what security is setup on it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet on Windows Vista ...

It could have a upper number of allowed connections and you have exceeded this number so it is preventing this computer loaded with Vista from logging in through the WiFi.

So can you turn off one of the other computers or at least turn off the WiFi and see if you get a connection now?

I'm assuming here that this has actually worked through the Wireless connection previously so how strong is the Wireless Signal that the NB is receiving?

Have you tried reconnecting the Wireless by setting up a new Wireless Profile? This can be found in the Start-Show All-Accessories-Communications-Setup Wireless Networking. You will need the codes that your router uses here to finalize the connection to the Router.

Post back with the answers here and well see what can be achieved.


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It could still be the router.

by rahouseholder In reply to Internet on Windows Vista ...

Vista has compatibility problems with older (and some not so old) wireless routers. If resetting your router allows you to reconnect, then you should consider upgrading your router to one that is "Vista Compatible". I have seen this numerous times and is one of the things keeping me from upgrading to Vista. I know I'll have to replace my router at the same time....

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It worked before, and works with everything else

I know it cant be security, it has none. And, it worked before. Just recently. I even did a wipe-out and restore, it still didnt work...

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Go into your network icon > network and sharing center.

Click on "manage network connections", then right click on "local area connection", and select "disable". Wait 5 to 10 seconds and then right click on it and select "enable".
If that does not work go into your "device manager" and right click on the network card in question and select "delete", now re-boot. When your computer returns to the desktop it will say "found new hardware". Now see if you can get a connection with your router and the internet.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I havent tried it yet but...

I know it cant be a problem with the driver. The network still shows up in the Connect to a Network window. So, the driver has to work... I'll still try that though. Oh, and I probably should mention that I did a system restore. And it still doesnt work.

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