Internet only Wi-Fi access point on XP Home network, How to ?

By john ·
Hi all

A friend has 4 x XP Home (ie NOT XP Pro) PC's on a Wi-Fi LAN, all working fine.

He wants to add another Wi-Fi access point to his router, to give access to the public (in his wine bar) to the Internet, but NOT to his own LAN.

Easy with XP pro, but how to do it with XP Home edition ? (without adding any more PC's or Operating systems)

Thanks in anticipation...

John in the N.W. of Chester

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Subnet, VLAN, or another router

by Churdoo In reply to Internet only Wi-Fi acces ...

Depending on the capabilities of his present router, one option may be to put his own workstations in a different subnet. For example, for his private workstations and for the public access. The capabilities of the present router will have to be such that it can route multiple LAN networks to the internet.

Option 2 = VLAN. Again, this is dependent upon the capabilities of his existing equipment (or will have to purchase new equipment). Public on VLAN 1 and private on VLAN 2, allowing both VLANs to the internet.

Option 3 = use a second common retail off the shelf router behind the first router. The WAN side of router #2 plugs into the LAN side of router #1. Public behind LAN side of router #2 and private behind LAN side of #1 or vice versa.

NOTE: with option 3, if someone behind router #2 KNOWS THE IP of something behind router #1, will be able to access it, but not vice versa. So you may want your private network behind #2 and public on router #1

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