Internet Over VPN

By masoodsharif ·
Hi all,

When I am connecting to my organization Network through VPN my internet stops working.

I connect through a wireless USB device for internet. My internet stops working as soon as i connect to my workplace network through VPN.

Why does it happens. I am new to using VPN

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In short

by tintoman In reply to Internet Over VPN

VPN connections use a tunnelling protocol to connect to the vpn server, all data transmitted and received is encrypted for security. Therefore the only connection to the internet you will get will be the one on the server you are connected to.
look at this

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by Leonardo_C In reply to Internet Over VPN

It's likely no accident, a security thing. Best thing is to ask your IT staff about it. Just know that if it is company policy, they're not going to change it just for you.

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Both are correct

by mafergus In reply to Internet Over VPN

1. Check with your company to find out their policies concerning VPN connections.

2. It is possible to do, but without the ok on item #1 then you may be in violation of your company's security policy

3. Yes it is possible to do.

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It means..........

by masoodsharif In reply to Both are correct

What i got from all these replies that I cannot use internet through i am connected to my vpn server.

I can use internet which is provided by the company through which i m connected if they are providing such facilities to their vpn users.

Am I correct?

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Yes, you're correct.

by Choppit In reply to It means..........

To use your own gateway for internet traffic you'd need allow a split tunnel. Many companies disallow this because of the risk from bridging internet traffic directly into the company network via the VPN tunnel.

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