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By sanjoy.paul49 ·
The Internet connection go through switch to local work group LAN.when I directly connect through modem its work, Google continuous reply,DNS continuous reply,Default gateway continuous reply.But in LAN machines Google continuous reply,DNS continuous reply, Default gateway continuous reply but page can't open.when I restart machine then its work 10-20 min then same problem occurs.Please suggest me whats the solution.

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Incorrect DNS settings in your router

by TobiF In reply to Internet page not open

My guess is like this:

What you named "Switch" is probably a home router.

When you connect through the home router, your computer gets its ip settings from the router, including settings for dns, and it looks as if the router tries to somehow "help" with dns resolution, but fails for some reason.

Best way out is probably to have your computer continue to get dns resolution directly from the internet.

2 ways:
Best: If it is possible, instruct the dhcp server in your modem to hand the correct dns server addresses to the computer(s).

Easier, and still ok: Adjust the dns settings directly in your computers network interface (you can still continue to get the rest of the ip settings automatically.)

Either use the dns server addresses of your ISP, or some fast and reliable public servers. (One example is google dns: and

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