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Internet ping servers for failover links - who do you ping??

By techrepublic ·
What to ping or what not to ping, that is the question...

So we use our cisco devices to have two internet connections for a network and configure sla's on both so for example: 5 ping time outs = the connection is now unavailable and all traffic is diverted to the other link. But who do you ping? I ask this because we ping public dns servers and recently one of them was flapping up and down and hence affected remote control sessions and the general sanity of employees.

So who do you ping?

Its obvious now we cant rely on random public dns servers.

How about your internet gateway one hop out of the office? I think its too close and assumes too much that beyond that gateway, everything is fine. so you could still be getting ping replies but packets are dropping 2 hops away.

How about a core isp router? or core backbone router? well those ip addresses can change at the isp's discression without notice so thats no good.

i guess it has to be something out on the internet thats absolutely reliable and never goes down - ehhe, i dont think it exists!

Herein lies my dilemma - what to ping?

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Primary DNS of ISP is still a pretty good choice

by robo_dev In reply to Internet ping servers for ...

If your ISP has lost their DNS, not much else is going to work very well.

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good thinkin....

by techrepublic In reply to Primary DNS of ISP is s ...

Good thinkin robo, if i cant ping the ISP's dns server then there's something wrong with either the dns server or the ISP's internal network which both are good reasons to stop routing packets in that direction.

thanks for the feedback.

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