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Internet Prob - Poss Encryption

By charwell04 ·
Hi there,

Well my problem is: I cannot log into Yahoo-Ebay-Msn Msger-Tesco (Online Shopping).

When i get to the above pages and insert my email/pswrd etc it just comes up with a url not found page.

I can log into sites like Myspace and use the web as per normal apart from the above problems.

I ran the Msn Msger troubleshooter and it highlights 'Host Files' and 'Key Ports' as problems.

I have ran a whole batch of programs just to clean up such as-CCleaner, Spybot, Ewido, Computer Security.

Now i have disabled all anti virus/firewall progs from startup and still no luck so i presume it aint to do with firewalls.

I have tried allowing all levels on encryption in Opera(my browser) but still not a peep.

Running out of ideas!!!

Many thanks


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by charwell04 In reply to Internet Prob - Poss Encr ...

The Opera error console, comes up with
Unknown thread
Opera has modified the JavaScript on (Yahoo fix). See browser.js for details.

Does that effect it in anyway?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Internet Prob - Poss Encr ...

many sites require cookies to use properly. Enable cookies and check to see that none of these sites are set to block cookies.

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by charwell04 In reply to Internet Prob - Poss Encr ...

Yes i have checked and Opera allows cookies, but what would explain why Msn Msngr not working? Because thats what makes me think it may not be browser related.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Prob - Poss Encr ...

How are you connecting to the Net?

Depending on your ISP they may not support many of these functions or if you are working from a workstation on a Domain these may be blocked by the Group Policies that have been set.

Also have you tried FF or another Browser to see if the problems persist? Although to be honest without knowing more about how you Log On there is very little else that I can suggest I run Opera and it doesn't affect MSN, E-Bay or any of the other services that I run but I'm not sure how things go when you have both Yahoo and MSN installed on the same machine as Yahoo makes quite a lot of changes deep in Windows.

If this is a Stand Alone Workstation I would suggest performing a Clean Install after you have backed up all your data and instead of using Yahoo use the new Beta MSN which is supposed to connect with Yahoo Messenger but before you go to this extreme check with your ISP as they may be prevent these connections. Even if it worked previously they may have instigated some new Policies that are preventing it now or it may even be the result of one of the newer MS Patches that has broken this.


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