Internet Problem

By sharq.66 ·
i have WAG54G2 linksys router for DSL connection.

Week ago i have upgraded the linksys firmware Version:V1.00.19 and also installed Trend Micro Work Free business security Advanced in WinSer2003.

Every morning i have to reboot the server to access internet..

Any Advice ?

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Try to localize the problem closer

by TobiF In reply to Internet Problem

In the state with no internet:
Try to connect to the administrative interface of your router to see if this is possible and whether the router still has contact with the internet.

You could also try:
- Restart the router, rather than the server.
- Do a "repair" of your network interface on the server. (Deactivate, then reactivate)
- Check if there's an inactivity timeout specified in the router
- Oh, run ipconfig /all to see if there are any clues there.

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Tried to Repair

by sharq.66 In reply to Try to localize the probl ...

I tried to repair Network Interface on Server.

Found Error

Windows could not finish the repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Clearing the ARP cache

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Not the root to the problem

by TobiF In reply to Tried to Repair

That's not the root to the problem.

And, my idea was that you can try this action when your internet connection is down, in order to see if that helps it to get started.

Since your problem happens only once a day, your search may take a week... Right now, we don't even know if the problem is in the router, on your server or even at your provider.

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It happens anytime

by sharq.66 In reply to Not the root to the probl ...

I face this problem any time...may be twice a day, once a day or may be in two days...but it happens every now and then...and i have to reboot the server to access internet..

In my router webpage DSL, Gateway, Wireless and lan evrything is showing up and working

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If your computer still has the contact with the router...

by TobiF In reply to It happens anytime

Then it could be:
- Some NAT or firewall issues
- DSL PPP-session timeout
- Problems with DNS (DNS settings or with the server itself)

Does your router create any log?
Does internet also come up again if you just reboot the router (leaving the server running)?

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Cannot access internet after rebooting router

by sharq.66 In reply to If your computer still ha ...

I tried to reboot the router but faced the same problem..i have to reboot the server to get the internet connection.

My router doesn't create any log...

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Next time it happens

by TobiF In reply to Cannot access internet af ...

Command window and run the command
<i>ipconfig /all</i>
The information there may give some hints.

By the way, while you're without internet at your command prompt, try to ping a google server, like this:

And then, like this:

The information you gather this way can be very useful in pinpointing your problem.

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RE:Internet Problem

by ameack In reply to Internet Problem

I would suggest to Disable Trend Micro for a day and test it.
Also look out for your DSL connection for any dropout, check logs in the router for PPP connections.

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Network Driver

by luisantia In reply to Internet Problem

1. I have a similar problem in the past, i update Nic driver problem solved.

2. Disable Trend Micro might be a software problem

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firmware upgrade

by sharq.66 In reply to Network Driver

i upgraded NIC firmware...still same problem...

I have to disable/enable Network interface to get the internet access

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