internet problem

By eltonpiko ·
hey everyone ive got a problem maybe one of you can help me out. im having problem with my internet connection some times it just suddenly cuts off and stop working.i try to turn off my adsl modem and my router it still doesnt work so i have to restart my domain server all the time i get this problem, then only after that will it work again. any idea whats causing this problem.when it cuts off i call my lan provider to check if the prob is on there side they say there system is working fine.i get this problem almost 3 times every day.

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What is your 'domain server'??

by robo_dev In reply to internet problem

Was this configuration ever working properly?

Are the workstations using static IP addresses or DHCP?

If they are using DHCP, which is the DHCP server? the router or your domain server (or both?). If you have more than one device acting as a DHCP server on your network, it would cause a problem such as this.

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by eltonpiko In reply to What is your 'domain serv ...

yes everyting was working fine i started to get this problem about four months ago.all my work station are using DHCP addresses .i was having problem reciving outside mail a couple months ago so ive disable the DHCP service on my the DHCP is runing on my domain server and theres no other device on my network acting as a DHCP server i can i check this out?

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Age Of Modem

by TheChas In reply to internet problem

I was having this problem for several months were I needed to restart both the ADSL modem and router with increasing frequency.

Turns out that after about 5 years both the modem and router were failing. After replacing both, everything works well.

Make sure that the modem has enough air circulating near it to keep it cool.

Also, depending on how clean and stable your power is, you might want at least a surge protector if not a full power conditioner for it.


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by eltonpiko In reply to Age Of Modem

i cant realy determine how old is the modem and router cuz ive been in that company for only two years now. but sumtimes that modem get realy hot especialy duruing the afthernoon when most user are using the net even if the aircondition is on max it could be thats whats causing that try replacing it tanx.

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