Internet Problem

By sharq.66 ·
My internet stops working on server 2003 every half an hour.
Everytime i have to disable/enable network interface to access internet...

Seeking urgent advice..

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Why are you re-posting again and again!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Internet Problem

Why are you re-posting the same question again and again!!!??? This is your third or fourth post regarding the same problem.
Why not continue in the question already posted previously giving more details of the problem? This will help us here in helping you properly to solve your problem.

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It would be useful, for example, to know how you connect to the Internet

by robo_dev In reply to Why are you re-posting ag ...

I would assume that the ethernet connection on your server plugs into some sort of firewall/router, cable modem, or similar device?

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Can ping

by sharq.66 In reply to It would be useful, for e ...

My server is ethernet port is connected to Linksys Router (WAG54G2)

Ok..when i faced the problem i tried pinging but unable to ping..But when i ping the google i got the reply..

any advice ?

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DNS problems

by TobiF In reply to Can ping

It seems the DNS server you're using isn't stable enough.
I didn't understand what ping was successful, but if fails, but works, then the ip address of the second address may have been cached somewhere near your computer.

What ip and dns settings do you have in your computer? (issue ipconfig /all in the command window)

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ipconfig /all

by sharq.66 In reply to DNS problems

PPP adapter RAS Server (Dial In) Interface :

Connection-specific DNS suffix :
Description........: WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface
Physical Address : 00-53-45-00-00-00
DHCP Enabled : No
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

Ehternet adapter Local Area Connection :

Connection-specific DNS suffix :
Description : HP NC373i Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter
Physical Address : 00-1B-78-72-0E-C8
DHCP Enabled : No
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
DNS Servers :

This is my ip configuration.

When i face the problem last night i tried to ping on command prompt, but i got no reply...
When i tried to ping the google with google ip...i got the reply...

Any furhter advice on this ?

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Do you have a DNS server running on your server?

by TobiF In reply to ipconfig /all

I note that your IP address (on the Ethernet interface) is the same as the DNS address.

This means that whenever your computer needs to resolve an internet address (like into an ip address (like it will contact... itself.

So, there should be a DNS server running on your server. And this DNS server needs to be correctly configured.

Do you need your server to handle dns requests? (This could be the case if you use logical addresses within your local network, or if you want it to maintain the dns records of some internet domain)

If YES, then go find your DNS server program and its settings, there are some problems there.

If NO, then contact your internet provider and ask them for the ip addresses to their DNS servers. You should get at least two different addresses from them. As an alternative, you could rely on, a public dns service, for instance - Google (In that case, enter the following dns addresses: and

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by sharq.66 In reply to Do you have a DNS server ...

Sir, we are using windows server 2003 ( as VPN server and also as Domain. We use to connect clients through this Domain. Now what IP address shall i assign in Preferred DNS Server ?

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Is this ipconfig from your DNS server?

by seanferd In reply to ipconfig /all

If not, the DNS server address is wrong, as it is the same as the IP address.

DHCP is off, so you need to manually configure everything, don't forget.

You have no default gateway in your PPP adapter.

What is the Ethernet default gateway Default Gateway : Is this a router? If so, what is the PPP adapter for?

As to the VPN - DNS for the VPN is determined by the other end of the VPN tunnel.

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As I understand it...

by TobiF In reply to Is this ipconfig from you ...

This seems to be the domain controller itself. I believe that the dns resolver service on this machin is either absent or misconfigured (which might include pointing to an ISP dns with bad performance).

The PPP adapter was for dial-in. And nowadays we're so used to ethernet that we sometimes forget that PPP, being point-to-point, don't use netmask and gateway, since there's only one way to go...

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To Clarify

by robo_dev In reply to Can ping

If you launch the web browser on the server, you cannot get to google?

Is the IP configuration for the server set to point to the router as the primary DNS server?

Can you ping the DNS server of your ISP?

Was this working normally at some point or is this a new install?

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