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By TD6UP ·
When I get on the internet through Mozilla Firefox, ZI cant get on half of the sites I want to get on. (EX: Hotmail). I type in and the first part comes up but then it tries to load my page but stops. The screen turns white and then a box comes up for AT&T like it wants me to get on a dial up connect. I "X" it out and a new box comes up and says that the server took too long and timed out. I can get on certain sites but some I cant. What do I do?

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by fungus-among-us In reply to INTERNET PROBLEMS

What operating system are you using?
Have you scanned for malware/virii?

Sounds like you may have had a dial up account at some point. Make sure you delete all traces of that connection. And just to make sure.... under "internet options" (in the control panel), under the connections tab, make sure the "NEVER DIAL" option is checked.

Let us know how it comes along.
Good Luck

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by foiled In reply to INTERNET PROBLEMS

Firefox cannot read some pages that are setup to take advantage on the more advanced features in ie. It should not come as a shock that many Microsoft pages like Hotmail will not work with Firefore. Yor best bet is to keep internet explorer around as a backup for these pages. I quick search on Google will give you more info on this issue.

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by robo_dev In reply to INTERNET PROBLEMS

'Dialers' are a specific type of spyware/virus that tries to take over and connect via-modem to their 900# or other site.

I would bet you've got a case of spyware and/or virus infection there.

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