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By john.cb1 ·
When i am on a web page i click onto to a link (for example Argos)and it starts to change webpage. i can not see anything on the link but it shows me in the bottom left hand corner that it is done.

How can i fix this problems.

How do i set up Internet Explorer to show me all the attachments

Is Firefox better that IE.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Internet Problems

Are you connecting to the internet through a proxy server?

Is this system a member of an Active Directory domain recieving security settings via Group Policy Objects?

If a home system, have you scanned it for viri, malware and worms?

To change the secruity settings in Internet Explorer, follow the steps listed here. Note that this may raise the risk level of being compromised on your system:

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Problems

Dalton gave you the right answer to your problem so you should be OK by following the instructions in the provided link.

As far as Firefox it is slightly better than IE for most things because it isn't tied directly into Windows. But if you have the security setting set low and allow things to open you may still have the same security issues as IE however generally speaking Firefox loads Pages faster, but you can not use it to perform Windows Live Updates.


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by GeoTube In reply to Internet Problems

That happens requently to people I know, as BFilmFan asked, are you connecting through a proxy server? It could be misreading the pages are giving you bad information.

On the Firefox vs IE Subject, I would say Firefox is better, due to it not having the ActiveX scripts that IE has, making it a lot safer. It loads pages faster and is customizable.

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by parthiv_13 In reply to Internet Problems

Above all answers are perfect. Though If you are using HTTP client for logging on net or server gateway or if you have any Firewall rules implemented they all may be the problem with your Browzing. Check that also with the system.

Good Luck. And pls do not forget to send back us the solution which have worked with your problem. So we can get upgraded with our knowledge.

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by john.cb1 In reply to

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by john.cb1 In reply to Internet Problems

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