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internet quandary

By bulldoggy_27 ·
I have a perfectly fine running system on dsl, however, at times i can be on the web without any troubles at all, then go away and come back a short time later and not be able to navigate anywhere. I do know that I am still online cause other programs are still active and my comp still sees the ISP. The only way to get it back is to restart the machine. My question is why does it do this and is there a possible fix?

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by Ann777 In reply to internet quandary

How does the computer still "see" your ISP?

If you still have a Internet site open, but you cannot navigate it, I would think that you are operating from the website in cache (ie in the memory of the local computer... not the Internet).

DSL operates over PPoE (point-to-point over ethernet)... there's often a time-out function built into the DSL modem.

It may be that in fact, the "inactivity" is causing you to lose internet connectivity and timing out. When this happens, go to a dos prompt and see if you can ping If not, then you have timed out.

One possible fix is to purchase a broadband router/firewall and set it up for no timeouts. If you already have this and Internet is still timeing out, then I'd suggest you look at power management on the computer.

Hibernation is often setup in multiple locations (bios, OS, hdd, etc) and usually I turn off all the hardware hibernations and let WinXP control it if my user even wants hibernation.

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by jschein In reply to internet quandary

Knowing you ISP would be helpful...

Bellsouth for one has issues with there DSL service - after a perios of time, the connection times out and only fix is a restart of the pc.

As said above, if I recall, if you can buy yourself a cheap 30-50 $ router, you can set the router up to sign on - No ISP software needed at all on your pc WOOHOO and just plug your network wire into that from the pc and surf all day and night without any problems.

Only problem you would run into with above setup is if your line actually went down or they were servicing it.

I recommend a d-link router as I have done a few linksys jobs and even with firmware updates, they have been really flaky at times.

Good luck in your choice

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by jschein In reply to

Lordie... It would have been nice of me to do some sort of spell check on my post! Sorry about my typos - J.

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by jschein In reply to

In XP, right click the My Computer ICON and goto properties, ... Then goto System Restore TAB and DISABLE SYSTEM RESTORE.

Goto and download their ADAWARE Program...

Install it, Update it, run it.. Then reboot your system. and do it again. Reboot.

Goto system restore and enable it.

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by bulldoggy_27 In reply to internet quandary

apparently i had a worm on the drive the DLLhost.exe and was there after a clean install of XP. So now i get rid of the worm and run new patch connecting to the ISP (DSL) is still flaky.

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by bulldoggy_27 In reply to internet quandary

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