Internet Radio

By technogeek-1995 ·
It has been brought up to me to create an internet radio station. Could you give me some in site into the technological side of this.

(i.e. -Could I use a blog as the webpage?
-Is 250GB of Bandwidth enough + regular HTML email and normal web browsing + Games.

I would run this off a custom built PC with an AMD 64 X2
1 GB Ram
10/100 LAN

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What a perfect read

by mjd420nova In reply to Some reading

I don't think I'd find any better source. What a fountain of information there. The complete tour all they way up to registration was so informative, I was going to cause a printer meltdown. Lets see now if a T1 can support sixteen 56K users. I don't know if what I might find as a serious threat to the Comcast uplink speeds that would be surely imposed unless I pay for the uplink speed needed to be a decent provider with a serious popular following. Much to think about and ponder.

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And in addition to the above some direct answers to your questions

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet Radio

1 GB Ram

No where near enough for a Streaming Application unless of course there are very few people listening.

10/100 LAN

Will only work if there are a very few people listening as it will require more bandwidth or you will get Lags being introduced as the use rises.


This is even slower than the 10/100 so whatever problems it would have this will be worse.

Is 250GB of Bandwidth enough

Depends on how many people actually listen and how long per day this will be up. 250 Gig can be chewed up very quickly. It also depends on how the ISP measures your usage as well.


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What about...

by technogeek-1995 In reply to And in addition to the ab ...

What about...

4 GB
AMD Phenom
1 TB
separate LAN card (haven't bought it)
(direct connect to router)

Are you happy now with the specs?

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The HDD Space isn't;t so important unless you plan to store a lot

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What about...

The others will work OK within limits of the number of Listeners.

Just one question what OS do you plan on using as no Windows 32 Bit OS will use all of the 4 GIG. Though it will make the maximum use of the RAM that it can use so it may not be too much of a waste.


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by technogeek-1995 In reply to The HDD Space isn't;t so ...

Windows MCE (I don't know what bit)

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If it doesn't say anything it is 32 Bit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows

The 32 Bit Versions of Windows use about 3.2 Gigs of RAM so by using 4 GIGS you will provide the Maximum Amount that Windows 32 Bit can use with about .8 of a Gig not being sterilized so you will be getting the Best possible Performance out of the OS provided the rest of the Hardware is Optimized to use that particular OS.

You shouldn't have a problem with what you listed though I would be looking at a Brand Name PS to offer better protection from the Mains.


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