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Internet Reboots

By elwin9 ·
The system is running Windows98 and will run all day long. Once you connect to the internet the system will either freeze or it will reboot, It will connect and work normally just not for long. Its a internal modem. Ive run tests on the RAM and the HDD and all else seems OK. Im missing something has anyone have any ideas.
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by mrjay67 In reply to Internet Reboots

Aside from reinstalling drivers,network stack and reseating the card...

A few years back there were some gateway pcs that had a similar issue. We ended up replacing the modem with a slightly different model and it fixed it. The official fix actually was to replace the power supply but that didnt seem to work the first time we tried it.

boiled down...try swapping modem or power supply if reinstalling doesn't/hasn't worked.



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by jkaras In reply to Internet Reboots

I would re-install the drivers and modem. Then I would re-config it, go into the modem properties and scale down the speed 1 setting think 118700. I would then go into the advanced properties and try inputting an intit string. To find one you can go to and look up your modem and type the string in, example s38=0 for U.S. Robotics. Call your dialup provider and get the dns numbers to configure your dialer better also ask for an alternate dial up number they have them you might get an increase in speed. How long is your phone line from the pc to the wall? If it is more than 15 ft. then you could have attentuation, weak signal the longer it has to travel, but it shouldnt cause a lock up, just loss of signal. You might have to go to an extreme if you have a Windows 98 operating disk, not a recovery disk and unistall communications out of add remove programs, then reinstall it to reload your TCP/IP protocol and winsock. Dose this happen with just one browser? Do you have two to check browser corruption? Try installing Mozilla or Netscape as a backup from another pc burnt on disk. You should always have two browsers just in case like two cars, one broke you can still get around, if the same thing happens well you can rule out the browser. Lastly modems are rather cheap, just buy another and see if anything changes. If I were you I would ditch the dial up and get some sort of broadband, unless its not available in your area. If so the plans are cheaper than a second phone line and service and 300 times faster. Here is just basic advice that I had to give when I worked for GAteway/dialup call center. A lot of the times it was spyware/virus issues that required a fresh install, try putting adaware free spyware program to see if this helps. Let me know how else I can assist.

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by willcomp In reply to Internet Reboots

What about adware and spyware? Have you run scans for malware?

Behavior described can also be caused by adware/spyware.


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by willcomp In reply to Internet Reboots

I responded but answer has vanished. TR has been having problems with that happening lately. It should re-appear in a few hours.


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by gbrownlee In reply to Internet Reboots

I ran into the same problem on an XP system. I ran AVG free edition, ad-aware, spybot s&d and spywareblaster from a disk. This cured the problem.


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by kewlice33 In reply to Internet Reboots

I have to agree with willcomp. Check your system for spyware and viruses using Ad-aware or SpyBot. Here's how:

Scanning with Ad-aware SE:
- Open AdAware SE
- First of all, check for updates.
To do this, click on 'Check for updates now', click the 'Connect'-button and, if there are new updates, click 'OK' and then 'Finish'.
- Now, do a system-scan by clicking the 'Start'-button.
- In the next screen, select 'Perform Full System scan' and click the 'Next'-button.
- Sit back and relax, while Adaware is performing the system-scan.
- When the scan is done, right-click in the list of items, that AdAware found, and select 'Select All', click the 'Next'-button and then 'the 'Finish'-button.
- Close AdAware SE.

Scanning with Spybot 1.3:
- Open Spybot 1.3
- First, Check for updates
click the 'Search for updates'-button. If there are updates available, select them and click the 'Download updates'-button.
- Click 'Search and destroy' and then 'Check for problems'.
- Relax, while Spybot is performing it's scan.
- When Spybot is done, it will show a list of found items (or congratulate you with a clean computer). Click 'Fix selected problems' to delete the items.
- Close Spybot 1.3

Download and install the following programs, If they're not on your computer, yet:
-AdAware SE:
-Spybot 1.3:

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