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Internet Security: Stop spam with DNS

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In this week's Internet Security Focus TechMails column, Jon Yarden discusses a proposal before the Anti Spam Research Group that uses DNS in a new way to stop junk e-mail. Does this sound like an airtight proposal? What do you think of Jon's suggestion to add RMX records to your DNS zone files now, in anticipation of this becoming an Internet standard? Are you ready to go that far? Share your comments here.

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Is this workable?

by Intranet Webmaster In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

To be of any real use, RMX records would have to be compulsory for all domains from which email can legitimately be sent. How likely is it that this will really happen?

And what about people who can legitimately use a from address which is not directly related to their physical location at the time (say, a business person on a trip or working from home).

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More the Merrier

by jamgotr In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

SPAM like any other security issue needs a multi-pronged approach at prevention. One more tool in the utility belt is a good thing, but it needs to be looked at from a holistic point of view.

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by TheBurbs In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

As a user of Hotmail, I see the benefits and shortcomings of RBLs. But due to the mass of UCE that I get, the bitter pill is necessary. The proposal to add RMX to DNS sounds like a viable alternative. Perhaps still with some side effects, it is still likely a more sound solution than RBLs.

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This is only one half of the solution

by dtoubelis In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

Using mechanism of RMX records will definitelly help in a long term, but some work needs to be done on other front. Let say everyone on internet adopted this mechanism and using RMX even made compulsory, so, it implies we enforced responsibility of service providers for behaviour of their users. Great, but this is only one half of the problem, now, service providers will be responsible for behaviour of their users. This is not a big problem for corporations, but free services like Hotmail, etc.will need seriously reconsider their business model, and believe me we will see alot of legal rumble on this ground and very likely some chapter 11 cases.

So, what I must say, that technically this is a good idea, but it will be alot of fighting before it actually works.


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Cost effective solutions required

by the_integrator In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

Sounds like another expensive unreliable and resource consuming gadget.
User education is propably preferable as although some maybe only slightly more inteligent than the machines, they can usually identify
dodgy email and bin it.
A combination of education and a lightweight filter mechanism would probably be more cost effective.


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RMX Records?, Oh just great!

by chip35 In reply to Internet Security: Stop s ...

Another standard method that will be adopted by (I'm guessing) 30 to 70 percent of the internet and ignored by the rest.Although this may drive more people to open source applications due to the fact that Microsoft won't be upgrading any of it's older DNS servers under NT anytime soon. Make it mandatory, Microsoft could use some more bad press about the inflexibility of it's code/market methods.

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