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Internet Security Via Dsl Routers

By Fvillasenor ·
I am a network admin for a small Manufaturing business.I keep hearing about how easy it is to hack thru a Dsl router and access a private network.Is this true?The only security feature my Dsl router comes with is Nat.Is there anything else I can addto my network that is cost effective and not have to spend 2,000 on a Firewall?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Paranoid Admin.

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Other features...

by eBob In reply to Internet Security Via Dsl ...

I use an Asante FriendlyNet at home. Along with NAT it uses "stateful packet inspection" to block packets that do not appear to be a response to a query from an "inside" source. I believe most DSL routers also have this feature.

Having said that,I still would not use this on a "company" network.

I really like Cisco PIX, with Checkpoint FW-1 (on a SUN Solaris box) behind that, but I hear ya on the $$$$$$$$$$big bux$$$$$$$$$$$. There are interesting alternatives, such as Sonic Wall, and Nokia (which runs the FW-1 software). I think Sonic Wall probably takes the "value cake" at the moment.

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