Internet Security !!

By Chex420 ·
Hello i have recently noticed unauthorized user on my wi-fi but the problem is that the wi-fi is encrypted.Im not sure how hes getting on their and stealing my internet connection i tried to use mac filter to block him but their ways around that since hes still stealing it from me, is their somethnig i can do? I'm just mostly worried about the security of my online transactions and personel information. I also tried to block his IP adresses but no luck.

ps. thank you for the help.

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unauthorized user

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Internet Security !!

How do you know you have an unauthorized user?

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Slightly confused ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Internet Security !!

How did you spot any unauthorized user on your wi-fi exactly?

Despite your stalwart efforts to rid yourself of this interloper, did you ever consider that it might be someone that you personally KNOW? Therefore someone within your immediate circle of friends/family who is privy to your wi-fi network's PASSWORD??

If I were you, I'd change the NAME/PASSWORD and not mention it to anyone.

...Then wait for someone to ask you if your wireless network has been having any problems lately - they'll be the culprit and won't be able to steal your signal any more!

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Not working

by Chex420 In reply to Slightly confused ...

I alrdy have changed my password about 4 times. When i go into my router settings and in status their is a box somwhere that says client table. Once that is open i can see all connections using my wi-fi. When i look i can see user that has no name on the pc and clearly is using my internet. Since when i blocked that ip ex. couple minutes or hours later i saw a user with and then when i blocked that it went to 102..etc.. Also when i look into incoming connections on the router page, i can clearly see my connection and then i can see 1-2 connections that definetly dont belong their. Ill post some screenshots when i get home. I'm at school right now so i cant take any screenies.

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How to block incoming users

by SPC_TCOL In reply to Not working

Why don't you only allow your MAC address as the only valid one?
This is the best way to stop people from coming in.
By the way, are you sure that the other IP is a user that tries to access your WLAN?
It could be that you are only scanned and that this person isn't even connected to your WLAN.

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RE: is their somethnig i can do?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet Security !!

Well the easy answer is to turn off the WiFi and connect with a Wire to the Router.

I would say this is the only way that you can be sure that no one is Cracking your WiFi Connection and stealing Bandwidth or accessing your Files.

It takes someone who knows what they are doing about 2 minutes to Crack any Security through a WiFi Port and that Includes the Router where they can change it's settings.

I suppose that you changed the Default User Name & Password to the WiFi Access Point/Router right? You have also updated to the newest Firmware as well?

Both of those are the Standard and Highly Recommended Changes to make as soon as you plug in the Router. Leaving the default User Name/Password is just an open invitation to allow someone to steal from you in more ways that one.


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