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    Internet Sharing


    by glanza97 ·

    Hello all, im new to tech republic and hope to learn many clever things 😀

    Well what I would like to know is… if I have a wireless router downstairs… using my wireless laptop upstairs in my bedroom…can I share the connection from the laptop to a computer in my bedroom with me… thus saving me trailing a lead all the way downstairs..?

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      by glanza97 ·

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      Make your desktop wireless

      by fregeus ·

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      That would be the easiest without having to put a long cable. And to answer your question, no, you cannot extend the network from your LapTop to your desktop.


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      Hows your signal?

      by patb071 ·

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      How good is your connection upstairs? I have never had any good luck receiving a strong signal having the router below me. you may want to think about putting your router upstairs.

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      Sure you can

      by mwoods269 ·

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      I did this for the purpose of giving my xbox a connection where one did not exist.

      All you need to do is bridge the wireless adaptor to the ethernet adapter in your laptop. Then just connect the computer to your laptop ethernet with a “crossover cable” and there you go.

      Wireless access point will also do the trick of connecting to your wireless internet then dishing out wired connections.


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        by glanza97 ·

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        How do you bridge the ethernet to wireless?

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          by mwoods269 ·

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          Simply go in to your control panel under network connections and highlight both your wireless and ethernet connection, right click and choose bridge connections.

          Once complete you can connect to your wireless network, plug your pc into the ethernet port on your laptop via a crossover cable. If you want to connect multiple devices or you do not have a crossover cable you can connect a swtich to your laptop via a normal patch cable.

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