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By brodogoy ·
I have a modem connected to a router, all I want is to share my internet connection to other computers, how to do it? pls have patience to answer my question? thanks in advanced...\

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Clarification please...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to internet sharing

do you simply want each computer to have its own Internet access via the router?
Or do you want all computers to access the Internet and each other via the router?

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Network Sharing

by Nimmo In reply to internet sharing

Does your router have more than one ethernet port? If so simply attach the other computers ethernet cable into the router and you should be right to go.

If you dont have any spare ethernet connections you will need to go out and buy a switch.

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What kind of router do you have?

by jdclyde In reply to internet sharing

If this is a SOHO router, it will have multiple ports, that you just plug each pc into.

If it doesn't, you need to get a switch, run a line to the router and one to each pc.

does the router feed out dhcp? if not, you will have to configure static ip addresses for each system.

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Start off by connecting up the Modem

by OH Smeg In reply to internet sharing

And then running a CAT 5 Cable from the Modem to a computer. Following the directions from the Modem Maker and your ISP setup the modem to connect to your ISP and then exit saving the settings you have just changed.

Unplug the CAT 5 Cable from the Modem and now plug it into the Router output side and using the Web Browser on the computer setup the Router.

Run a CAT 5 cable from the Modem to the Routers Uplink Port and then a CAT5 Cable from the Ethernet Side of the Router to the computer and check for function with a working connection to the Internet.

Now depending on the Type of Router you have you can either run more CAT5 cables from the other Ethernet Ports on the Router to your Computers. If you don't have more than 1 Ethernet Port on the Router you need to attach a Hub to the Ethernet port of the Router so run a CAT5 cable from the Ethernet Socket on the Router to the Uplink Port of the Hub. Here you need a Hub with enough Ports so you can connect your computers to it so if you have 8 computers you want to connect you need a 8 Port Hub. If you have 16 computers that you want to connect to the Internet you need a 16 Port Hub and so on till you have enough sockets for your computers.

From the Hub run a CAT 5 cable to all the computers and test for a functioning Internet Connection on all the computers. If you have a 4 Port Router and 8 Computers to attach you will need a hub to place between the Router and several of the computers connect this the same way as listed above and the remaining computers to the Router's remaining Ethernet Ports.

if you have more computers to connect you can Daisy Chain Hubs together to build up enough Sockets to connect the Computers to. Just remember that you use a CAT 5 Cable from the outlet of oner Hub to the Uplink of the next one in the chain.

For Static IP Addressing follow the post by JDClyde.


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