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Internet sharing and security

By mob_dream ·
Hello everybody
I have a small office contents from one server (win2003) with internet line (Leased Line) and public IP and 18 PC's as workgroup we work in web hosting so we need full internet access (ftp, messengers,.. etc) I used the RAS service (NAT & VPN) and every thing went OK but I found my server is not secure even my system coz I got errors massages and hackers left files for me.
for that could any one please tell me what is the best way to share my internet to clients with security.
and if possible how to manage the bandwidth (splitting( I want to control the bandwidth for the users.

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by omarhib In reply to Internet sharing and secu ...

Microsoft ISA Server is the perfect choice...
I has a Firewall & Caching Server fuctionality...
you can add as much access rules to protect your network and to control users access...
Also the Caching Server will save you alot of bandwidth...
As far as splitting is concerned i guess splitting your network into VLANs will do...

Hope that helps...


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by mob_dream In reply to Internet sharing and secu ...

Thank you so much for your help I was thinking of that solution and I tried the ISA 2004 but I could not configure it?? I will give it another try. do you have any Idea how to manage the bandwidth like I want to give every user Limited percentage.
thank you so much

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by CG IT In reply to Internet sharing and secu ...

go to for everything on ISA server. They have white papers on how to configure ISA.

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by mob_dream In reply to Internet sharing and secu ...

Thank you so much I think you are right I will check out the web site and see.
one more question can we use ISA Server on workgroup?

thank you everybody

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by Dumphrey In reply to Internet sharing and secu ...

Another option for bandwidth control is to set up a QoS policy in euther ISA or on a router (which it seems you do not have). Setting up a router to NAT to your server would be a good idea. A static mapping would allow full access (as defined by you) to the internal network but supply some security by limiting unsolicited incoming connections to certain machines, and or to certain ports. Not to sound cheesy, but i just rememeber, my old Linksys I used at home allowd bandwidth splitting/allocating. It was a BEF41D I think. So a $50 router may be the solution.

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